3 Reasons to Buy an E-Bike Rather Than a Conversion Kit

If you want to try e-bike riding, and you already own a regular bicycle, then you might be thinking about using a conversion kit to turn it into an e-bike. While a conversion might sound good in principle, it doesn't always work well in practice. Why?

1. Your Bike Might Not Convert Easily

You can't convert every bike into an e-bike. Some models simply aren't suitable for this process. Even if you can install the kit, the motor and parts you'll add might damage the bike.

For example, bikes need to be strong and relatively heavy to take a conversion kit. These kits aren't likely to work on lightweight racing cycles which don't have the weight or space to carry extra parts or weight.

If you install a kit on the wrong kind of bike, then you could cause some damage down the line. For example, if your frame and fork aren't strong enough, then they might break once you start to ride after adding the kit.

While some conversion kits state that they are universal, you might have to spend time tweaking how the kit works on your bike and you might not end up with the results you wanted. Your bike might not be safe on the road

If you buy an e-bike, then it will work seamlessly and safely. You won't waste time or cause any damage to your current ride.

2. Your Ride Won't Feel the Same

Some people want to convert their bikes because they don't want to stop riding them. If your bike is comfortable and suits your body and cycling needs, then you might not want to get rid of it.

However, your bike is likely to feel different after you convert it. For a start, it will be heavier. It might not be as comfortable to ride. An e-bike is likely to work better for you.

3. Your Costs Could Be Higher

Don't assume that a conversion kit will be cheaper than buying an e-bike. If you have to modify your bike to make the kit work, or if the conversion causes some damage, then you'll have additional costs.

Plus, if you pay to have your bike converted, then anything above a simple job will increase your labour costs. You could pick up an e-bike at a more cost-effective price.

To find out more, contact electric bicycle suppliers. They can help you find the right model to suit your riding needs.

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