Common Categories of E-Bikes in Australia

The surge in the popularity of electric bikes in Australian cities can be attributed to a plethora of benefits. For instance, e-bikes are eco-friendly, ease traffic congestion and are more comfortable to ride compared to non-electric bikes. Unfortunately, choosing an electric bike is not as easy as riding one from the top of a hill. Notably, e-bikes fall into different categories and are not a one-size-fits-all acquisition. Therefore, any first-time buyer will find it challenging to choose an e-bike that fits their needs. This article highlights the most popular categories of e-bikes.

E-Mountain Bikes -- These are arguably the most common electric bikes in Australia mainly because of their excellent performance off-road. However, that is not to say that e-mountain bikes are not designed for the streets. The low price of most e-mountain bikes makes them affordable and, thus, an excellent choice for any avid rider that wants an inexpensive commuter e-bike. Most e-mountain bike brands do not have a rear suspension and only feature a front suspension fork. However, the suspension is enough to get you through a few potholes on your way to work. If you want an e-bike that performs excellently in different terrains, you need to dig dipper in your wallet for a sophisticated suspension system.

E-Cruiser Bikes -- As their name suggests, electric cruiser bikes are designed for cruising; therefore, comfort and style are the ultimate objectives of the design. The e-bikes feature wide, soft seats that offer sufficient surface area for a comfortable ride. Additionally, riding an e-cruiser bike requires that you place your feet flat on the ground as you stop. It is made possible by pedals that are installed slightly forward compared to other e-bikes. Other distinct features that make e-cruiser bikes suitable for cruising are high handlebars and large balloon tires. It is no wonder e-cruiser bikes are common on Australian beaches.

E-Cargo Bikes -- What an electric cargo bike lacks in aesthetics is compensated for via functionality. E-cargo bikes are considered the utes of the bike world mainly because their design allows you to haul just about anything you want. Some e-cargo bikes have a front bucket while others have a bucket installed on the rear frame. One significant problem that manufacturers face with e-cargo bikes is keeping their size close to standard bicycles. This is where a reputable e-bike manufacturer comes in handy since they can maximise capacity using a manageable frame size.

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