A Guide on Buying Used Motorbikes

Buying a used motorbike can be a daunting task. Most buyers have little information on how to get good deals when buying used motorbikes. This article provides a comprehensive guide of what one should look out for when buying a used motorcycle.  

What kind of motorcycle do you want? 

There are different kinds of motorcycles hence you must decide what bike you need. Ask yourself; how do you intend to use the bike? Are you looking for horsepower or torque? Will you travel long-distance or off-road? Are you concerned about fuel consumption? If you are a first-time owner, do some online research about the motorbike. Read reviews to know how to maintain the bike and which problems you are likely to encounter. 

Look for a motorcycle dealer. 

Look for motorcycle dealers that sell the kind of bike you are looking for. Evaluate the dealer's reputation by checking online reviews or seeking testimonials from past clients. Deal with reputable motorcycle dealers when buying a used motorbike. This is because they conduct an array of inspections to ensure that the bike is safe to use. Besides, their staff are knowledgeable about motorcycle related issues.


Do some research into the pricing of your preferred motorbike. In such a way, you have a good bargaining ground while negotiating with the dealer. Do not be afraid to pit one dealer against the other. If the dealer realises that you are serious about purchasing the bike, he or she is likely to offer you a discount. 

Discern the bike condition.

At the dealership, go round and check the various motorbikes on sale until you find the one that you want. Inspect the condition of the bike including tires, brakes, lighting, seats, and the state of its body. Ask for a recent service report and inquire how long the bike has been used. If you are comfortable with the condition of the bike, ask for a test drive to feel how it runs. 

Set up your finances. 

A common mistake people make when buying motorbikes is that they forget about extra costs that they may incur. For example, the bike may need insurance and the rider may need riding gear such as a helmet, boots, gloves, and knee pads. If you intend to buy the bike through bank finance or hire purchase, ensure that you read the terms of the agreement. 

When buying a used motorcycle, decide what kind of bike you want, look for a motorcycle dealer, negotiate, evaluate the condition of the bike, and determine finance. 

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