Are You Thinking of Taking Motorcycle Lessons?

The first thing you need to know before taking motorcycle lessons is that there are different courses you can take, which depend on your riding skills. After each course, you are issued with a permit that allows you to ride a bike within the parameters of the course you did.

What Are the Different Courses?

If you have never ridden a bike before or have very little skills and knowledge about bikes, you should take the pre-learner course. The main goal of this course is to educate you on motorcycle basics. You might not first get to ride a motorcycle on a busy road, but you will ride one somewhere safe.

Learners react differently on their first ride. Some might panic, some may lack confidence and some may feel confident. Due to these differences, a trainer ensures that first-time riders train in a safe environment, where they cannot cause accidents. After gaining some confidence, first-time learners can with supervision train on moderately busy roads. After successfully finishing this course, you are issued with a learners permit.

The second type of training you can take is carried out in a restricted course. It mainly helps learners, especially those who have completed a pre-learner course, get more knowledge and skills.

If you have not taken a pre-learner course, but have some riding experience (for example, you know how to handle and ride a bike safely on a busy road), you can directly apply for the restricted course without having to undertake the pre-learner course. After successfully finishing a restricted course, you are issued with a permit without the letter L, meaning you can ride legally on busy roads.

The third course is the unrestricted course. You might have to first complete the restricted course before completing this course. Training takes place on a busy road because this is where you will be riding your motorcycle and facing different scenarios. You can expect stops where your trainer will give instructions on how to handle various situations correctly and safely.

What If You Want to Learn Something Specific?

Some people may have completed a restricted or unrestricted course, but might want to participate in motorcycle sports. Racing requires skills and you might want to learn how to ride a motorcycle fast, take corners and brake safely. If you are such an individual, you need to look for trainers who offer motorcycle racing courses. The trainers may expect you to have already completed the courses mentioned above.      

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The first thing you need to know before taking motorcycle lessons is that there are different courses you can take, which depend on your riding skills